Wednesday, March 24, 2010

White hat

Last summer I studied with nationally known artist Kim English.  This small painting was one of the many studies I did in the workshop.  This particular piece is one of my favorites.  Marla, the model for this piece is one I have painted many times, both in my studio and outdoors.  This painting is actually two poses of her.  First, I painted the Marla on the left, then instead of beginning a new canvas, I simply added her standing pose. I did several of these studies.....some working for only 5 minutes on a pose.   


  1. Very effective. This result is much harder to achieve than it might seem. It requires (in my opinion) a carefully controlled minimalist but rapid execution with the artist knowing exactly what he or she wants to show, and, most of all, using a very limited palette. Susan, as always, you achieve that Painterly Look which distinguishes your work.